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We built our bakery around the idea that your dollar is your vote for the world you want. For us, that means a few things. 


Our ingredients will always be vegan. We've done the label-reading, and we've contacted the companies. Our ingredients are free from animal products, including dairy, eggs, gelatin, shellac, confectioners' glaze, and bone-char processed sugar. 

We use only fair trade chocolate and cocoa powder, and we use local products whenever we can.  

We buy many of our supplies at local suppliers or small businesses, and we've been proudly Amazon-free for over a year. 

We do our best to make sustainable choices. While we are still using (recyclable!) plastic containers, we've replaced some of our single-use items with lower-waste alternatives, and we will continue to make more changes as we can. 

P.S. Your ballot is also your vote. Always vote. 


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Madison, Wisconsin  •  Always 100% Vegan

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